Parker Solar Probe

From the beginning of modern era, everybody used to see the sun and asked,” What is the main source of sun energy? Why is it here? How did it become so powerful? etc”. Scientists sent many probes in outer space to examine the behaviors of many factors of space, planets, exoplanets, stars etc. But it was impossible to send any satellites to the sun due to its extreme heat. But,

Interesting facts on astronomy

Our universe is so big and weird to imagine. We do not know very much about our universe such as – What actually universe is? What is the shape of the universe? How did the universe come into existence? With what particles the universe is made of? What was there before big bang? …… etc”. So here are some interesting facts on astronomy and universe. Interesting facts on astronomy: 1. First

Total Lunar Eclipse

What is Lunar Eclipse? Lunar eclipse is one of the greatest cosmic events of all time. When the moon passes right behind the earth and it’s shadow, the lunar eclipse occurs. But there is a condition. Lunar eclipse occurs only if the sun, earth and moon are aligned with each other. In astronomy, this alignment is called syzygy. What is total Lunar Eclipse? During the lunar eclipse, when the moon enters

Schrödinger equation

Schrödinger equation is the heart of quantum mechanics. When physicists did not pay attention so much on quantum mechanics then nobody could ever imagined about dual properties of particles. But, when one of the greatest physicists Erwin Schrödinger showed with a wave equation in 1926, the physicists started to do research on dual behavior of particles. Schrödinger was the first person who wrote down such a wave equation which described about weird

Gravitational Lensing

Gravitational Lensing is a phenomenon proposed by greatest physicist Albert Einstein. It actually works like a magnifying lens between observer and the light source in space. This lens is caused by space-time curvature, hence the name. It is kind of distribution of matters in space which warp it’s nearest space-time and hence it bends the incoming light from the distant galaxies. Albert Einstein predicted the amount of bending of space-time with his

Life of Star

Life of the stars: Whenever we gaze at the night sky, we see infinite numbers of stars twinkling in the sky. At childhood, our parents told us that, after death of any person they became star and watched every events occurring in the earth. They also told that there were many angels in the stars who sometimes visited earth. These were just some stories. Now we know that these stories


To know,”How do Rockets work”, we have to know what actually rocket is. Simply, a rocket is such a system or machine which is used to lift any satellites or space probes to a certain orbit of any celestial object in space. Rockets history: As written in the history, one of the first rocket like object was a wooden bird which was launched by Archytas, who used to live in a

Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser

Delayed choice quantum eraser experiment was first introduced by Yoon-Ho Kim, R. Yu, S. P. Kulik, Y. H. Shih and Martan O. Sculli. This experiment was conducted to investigate the behaviors of a photon. As light has duality property (wave and particle) and it does not show its property together i.e it shows one property at one time; so with the help of this advance experiment it was investigated that how

Was the moon landing fake?

There are lots and lots of people who still believe that the moon landing did not actually happen and I kind of feel like we should get to the bottom of this and see if we can recreate the moon landing then maybe there is a possibility, that could have actually have been done on a soundstage back in 1969. Some conspiracy theories even proposed that the moon landing was filmed

Big Bang Theory

We are living in present time. How did we born? Simple, Our parents gave birth us. How did our parents born? From our ancestors, right? Then where did they come from? We all were born in earth, but how was the earth created? The earth was created by some cloud dusts and some gases which was named as solar nebulae. Then how did the nebulae formed? From a billion years