Reality of Alien species

In childhood, we were taught about some magical creatures or humans from holy books like Ramayana, Mahabharata or Holy Bible,Genesis etc. In that holy books there were many gods and satans and even described about heaven and hell. These are sounds like spiritual knowledge or spiritual worlds. But now, in 21st century we are making question on it, “Was the stories real?”

First, we have to know, what is an alien. When we heard about alien we imagine a picture of a human like creature which is grayish  in color, long hands and short fingers, short legs and large head. This picture is printed in our mind and that is why, we are now unable to know what actually alien means. Actually, alien means life in another planet. Aliens are one such type of living beings which are not belonged to earth. They may be plants, virus or bacteria, insectoids, reptilian or even humanoids. For them, we are aliens, because we are not belonged to their earth and for us they are aliens.

Now, the question is “Do Aliens exist?” See, the universe is infinite or too big to imagine. Only in our milky way galaxy there are billions of stars, planets and exoplanets. Like that, large numbers of galaxies are floating in this universe. Today, we can see only the observable universe of the whole universe. We really do not know about the whole universe. And may be there is a multiverse consists of millions of universes. This is beyond our imagination. So, it would be a mistake if we think that life exists only on earth. There may be millions of planets which are in life habitable zone. So, there may be some life forms, obviously they may not look like humans or maybe. They may be better well civilized or may not be. They may be technologically better than us or may not be. As the universe is too big to imagine, so the possibilities are also infinite. So, the answer is “Yes“, aliens really exist at all.

There is an another theory. According to this theory, these aliens are nothing but future humans. Because, if you take a look at these species you would find some similarities with humans. We all know that the parts of our body which are frequently used get developed generation by generation. It would take many many years, but this process is running from the beginning of life. So, is it not possible to get develop our frequently used body parts in near future? Of course, it is possible.

So, may be in near future, the humans will get evolve more and more and to see the past they come back to their history as what we see today. They do not interfere with us because it may alter the timeline of them.( It is just an imagination, the possibility is endless).

Now, here is another question,”If there is aliens why do not they contact us?” Well , there may be several reasons –

1. They may live in another dimension or another parallel universe. So, they cannot contact us.

2. They may live far away from us. So, if they sent a signal to us that would take many many years to reach us.

3. They may be not so good in technology to send signal or contact us.

4. Or they may be so well-developed and rich in technology. So, they do not need to contact humans for their help. For them, we are nothing but garbage.

5. They might sent signals to us. But we are not able to figure it out.

6. They might have reach us. But we are not able to recognize them.

Besides these, some mysterious signals had been detected and they were termed as mysterious signals coming from space.

There are many evidences of extra terrestrial entities. Thousands of people were eye-witness of UFO sightings and crashes. They also claim that the aliens kidnap humans for their experiments. In Area 51, these alien sightings are seen frequently. However, many data present in internet are fake and made for publicity. But there are some evidences which can not be considered as fake. For example, the Roswell UFO crashing incidence, UFO on sun, UFO on moon etc.

Now, the conclusion is, there are many species outside this world. We humans are just one of the species in the universe. The Voyager I space craft has left our solar system and now travelling through interstellar space. This may be the key for searching the extra terrestrial life.

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