Are there any evidences that aliens visited our planet?

First we have to know “What is an alien?” Simply, for us, aliens are those species which are not belong to earth. For more information, visit this link Reality of Alien species. Now, let’s come to the point. Did aliens really visit earth at the time of past? The answer is “we do not know yet. May or may not be.” If we take a look at our history, we will find some mysterious and strong proof about aliens. We all visit historical places, historical statues, historical gadgets and many more. But we rarely think about these things. We just do enjoy and come back to home. But only few people think about these things.Such some of these concepts are discussed below –

1. Ancient caves:

When we visit the ancient caves all over the world we will see something strange and beautiful paintings painted in the wall of the caves. After studying these paintings by the archaeologist and by carbon dating, it was confirmed that those paintings were made in ancient time, in that time where the humans did not even know how to eat, how to wear cloths, how to live a better life. Then who made those paintings? Those paintings were made by using some sharp weapons. Then that’s really the humans. But how could they do it? They could hardly imagine these concepts as they were not literate. Perhaps, in ancient time the aliens came to our earth and guided them and taught them how to live a better life.We can see many UFOs and some flying saucers in those paintings. How could they imagine such kind of complex machines in that time? They could paint on the paintings because they saw the aliens come in large space crafts or UFOs and that’s why they painted their visual descriptions in those paintings.

Image result for ancient aliens caveImage result for ancient aliens cave

Just two figures are shown in here. Actually there are many such paintings. Here two UFOs are shown in the painting. What was that? If they did not see anything about these then how did they imagine about such machines?

2. Egypt’s pyramid:

This is one of the unsolved mysteries of all time. These three pyramids are located in Giza, Egypt. After seeing these pyramids of Egypt the archaeologist ask only one question,”Where did it come from and who made this?” Using today’s technology we will have to need many many years to complete such types of building blocks. This proves how advance these architecture are. These pyramids are the strong proof of greatest engineering technology. But who made it and where did it come from? What are the reasons of making such complex architecture.? The weight of the smallest rock used in the pyramids are almost 5 ton. So, who lifted the rocks to the top of the pyramids. Can you imagine this without technology? But at that ancient time who developed such technology? In history also, there are no sign of such technology. Then who made that?
In history, there are not any description about the builders of the pyramids. Just imagine, if you made a complex architecture and that architecture gets famous with its name then, you will definitely say proudly that you made that architecture. But in history, there are no sign of the builders and owners of the pyramids. That means, the pyramids are beyond history architecture. But we know, at that time the ancient people were not so well-developed. Then how could they make such architecture?

In this figure, everyone can see its perfect geometrical structure. If observed carefully, then it is found that these pyramids are in the perfect incline of Orion stars which is shown in the figure. Again as shown below there is an animal like structure near the pyramids which is called the Sphinx.” But what is it, where did it come from, who made it, what is the reason behind making such creation?

Image result for egypt's pyramid

Like this, there are lots of architecture such as Stonehenge of England and many more.

3. Puma Punku:

This is one of the mysterious places of Peru. This place is famous for the blocks of rocks. There are many rocks spread in the ground which are look like piece of trace. But, by observing deeply we will see another great engineering technology in ancient times. These H-blocks were made of concrete and they were made such that the blocks join each other without any joining material. The edge of the blocks were so smoothly cut that nowadays we use LASER beams to cut smoothly. There are found some holes in the concretes which were cut very smoothly like the edge of the concretes. They were also cut by LASER beams. But in that ancient time, how did they get LASER beams? How did they learn to make blocks by concretes?

The rocks are also behave like magnets. They are affected by electromagnetic field. That means, if you put a magnet near it, it will show deflection. Using computer graphics the scientists joined all the H-blocks one by one and they got a strange result. They got a platform like helipad and we use such platforms for landing helicopters and crafts. May be, in ancient times the aliens used that place for landing their crafts. But may be due to natural disaster the whole place was destroyed and now we can see only some piece of rocks.

Image result for puma punkuImage result for puma punku

4. Nazca Lines:

This is also a mysterious place of Peru. There are many lines drawn in the ground of desert. The interesting fact is, if we observe it from the sky then we will see many pictures on it like humans, spiders, monkeys and many geometrical structures. These pictures can only be seen from the sky, because these pictures are spread up to many many miles. But the question is who made this and how was it made? Ancient astronauts also claim that these pictures were made in ancient time. But we all know that in ancient time the humans were not so well-developed. Then how did they make it? To make such kind of lines, we need a blueprint of them and also great planning. And what is the reason behind making these lines? Because, without any reason no one will make such things. These pictures can be seen only from the sky, but why? Why these pictures were made such that they can be seen only from sky? 

Image result for nazca linesImage result for nazca lines

As you can see in the picture, there is a man in which he is pointing his finger to the sky. What does it mean? May be, that picture is trying to say us that once upon a time some aliens landed on their ground with UFOs. There are many pictures in the internet of Nazca lines but just two pictures are shown here. Ancient astronauts propose that the Nazca lines were used by aliens for their safe landing so that they could identify their previous landing from the top of the sky.

5. Gods and temples:

Ancient gods and temples are also some evidences of extraterrestrial lives. As we can see in many countries most of the temples are made of rocks, which are very hard to manufacture a temple. If we observe the temples, we will see that those temples look like modern rockets. How did they get the concept of rocket? Again, in holy books like Mahabharata, Ramayana, Gita, holy bible, Genesis etc, there are many gods and devils whose are explained as unparalleled magical capabilities. The interesting fact is all stories of different holy books are almost same. How is it possible that among different countries, almost same stories were presented in different ways? All stories explain the same thing that gods came from the sky and helped the ancient people. What does it mean? It means only one thing, aliens came from the sky and helped the ancient people.
Question is “Were they really gods?” Let us take an example to understand this. Let we have made a time machine (our technology is evolving so fast that observing today’s technology we can say, after about 20-30 years we will be able to travel through time) and went back in time to the ancient people. We landed on their land with some machines. That technology is so unfamiliar to them. Then what will they think about us? Obviously they will call us some spiritual beings like gods. They will imagine that some gods came from the sky with some flying vehicles and landed on their land. Same concept is here. May be the aliens came to earth and helped people for further improvement. As the people were not so familiar about their technologies, so they imagined the aliens as gods and the UFOs as flying vehicles.
Image result for ancient temples with rocketImage result for ancient temples with rocket
 These are some of the evidences that may prove that aliens might visit our planet in ancient times. However, they may be the future humans instead of aliens, but I must say that there were “something” that helped the ancient people to live a better life. That “something” is still a mystery.

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