What is Fermi Paradox

This is one of the most popular paradoxes proposed by Enrico Fermi. This paradox explains about aliens and their existence.

There is an another theory which is called Simulation Theory. According to that theory the whole universe is nothing but a virtual reality.Nowadays, VR devices are available in market, in where we can experience a new reality which actually does not exist. According to Simulation theory we are currently living in a programmed virtual reality. This theory also says that this reality was designed by some advance species. If so, we cannot interact with those species (same as the characters of gaming world cannot meet us and talk to us).

But if this theory is wrong, then we can meet the aliens, as they are the same species as we are. But why have we not met aliens yet? Where are those species? Let’s discuss about it.

Have you ever heard about Fermi Paradox? This paradox explains why aliens have not met us. According to Drake’s Equation there may be thousands of planets in where life should exist. Because, there are millions of millions of galaxies in this universe and in every galaxy there are millions of stars in where there should be at least one life habitable planet. If it is so, then there must be millions of planets which are in life habitable zone and there must be another species or alien life. But why have we not met aliens or even radio signals yet? This is Fermi Paradox.

First let us discuss about the classifications of the civilizations exist (may be) in the universe. There are three types of civilizations –

Type 1 civilization:

This type of civilizations are quite advance and they can use the energy of their whole planet. They can use the whole energy got from their planet and the atmosphere.

Type 2 civilization:

This type of civilization is more advanced than the type 1. Because, this type of civilization is capable of holding the energy of their host star. They can control and use the energy of their whole star.

Type 3 civilization:

This type of civilization is the most advanced civilization in the whole universe. Because, they can control the energy of their whole galaxy. They can travel anywhere in a few time within the whole galaxy. These are the strongest species among all the civilizations and can create and destroy a whole species. Actually, the main difference between type 2 and type 3 civilization is that, the type 2 civilization can control only the energy of their host star, but the type 3 civilization can control the energy of all the stars that consist in their galaxy. 

If we compare ourselves with this civilizations, we are not even included in the Type 1 civilization. Because, till yet we are unable to collect many resources in the earth like thunderstorms, lightning etc. We do not even know about many events occur in the earth. But, by looking at our progress rate it can be said that, in near future we will be included in the Type 1 civilization.

But here a question may rise,”If they are so powerful then why do they not meet us?” This question answer can be given in two parts –

1. Part 1

2. Part 2

Part 1:

In part 1, it is said that Type 2 and Type 3 civilizations do not exist. We are alone and unique in this universe. According to this theory, life exists only in the earth because of its proper position with respect to sun, perfect temperature, perfect moon etc which make earth unique in this universe. There is an another theory which is called The Great Filter Theory. According to this theory no any civilization can progress beyond to a critical level. After developing to a certain level these civilizations get destroyed naturally or artificially. That critical level is called The Great Filter. Now, here is an another question,”When great filter will arise for us?” This question has no specific answer. Because, great filter can arise for a species in any time.

This answer can be given in three different ways –

  1. First, the great filter occurred in the past and now we are safe. May be, our ancestors have suffered great filter and now we can progress safely.
  2. Second, may be we are the very first civilization for which, great filter will not arise. May be, we will progress more and more and at least we will be the first, Type 3 civilization.
  3. Third, great filter may arise for us in any time and we are not safe. May be after progressing to a certain level, our civilization will be completely destroyed.

Part 2:

In part 2, it is described that Type 2 and Type 3 civilizations do exist, but for some reasons we have not met them yet. Some of these reasons are-
  1. They may visited to our planet in the past and helped the ancient people to make their life easy. But they have left earth because their mission completed and now they do not care us any more.
  2. They are technologically so advanced that, compared to them we are nothing but like garbage. That is why they do not want to share their knowledge with us. (Imagine, will you want to share your thoughts and knowledge with an ant?)
  3. Except these three civilizations there may also be some alien life forms which are not so well-developed. They may be reptilian or insecticides which are not able to think nor to make decisions.
  4. Our earth is placed in a safest place and other aliens may not be able to track us.
  5. The aliens may have sent radio signals to us, but due to lake of technology and knowledge we are not able to understand that signals.
  6. The aliens are living in our earth for long time but we are not able to recognize them.
  7. The aliens have sent signals and the scientists have also detected that signals, but the scientists and the government do not want to share such kind of information publicly.

These are some of the explanations of aliens not meeting us. These are just theories. It is hard to say what is true or wrong, but these explanations forces a human mind to think better about our universe.

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