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Space technical is the website of Jyotirmoy Bharali studying B.Sc in Department of Electronics. Also interested in space technology and astronomy.

Theory of Everything

This is one of the most interesting theory in the science world. Mainly, this theory was proposed after building the Standard Model of Particle Physics. This model explains about the particles which are responsible for the building block and the four fundamental forces of nature. Before, reading this, I highly recommend to read the Standard Model of Particle […]

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What is Universe

What actually universe is: In general universe is that place in where we are living. But scientifically, the whole space, matters, cosmos is all together called Universe. After the big bang, the universe is expanding rapidly greater than the speed of light. That is why it is too hard to measure the size of the […]

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What is Fermi Paradox

This is one of the most popular paradoxes proposed by Enrico Fermi. This paradox explains about aliens and their existence. There is an another theory which is called Simulation Theory. According to that theory the whole universe is nothing but a virtual reality.Nowadays, VR devices are available in market, in where we can experience a […]

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Reality of Alien species

In childhood, we were taught about some magical creatures or humans from holy books like Ramayana, Mahabharata or Holy Bible,Genesis etc. In that holy books there were many gods and satans and even described about heaven and hell. These are sounds like spiritual knowledge or spiritual worlds. But now, in 21st century we are making […]

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