Gravitational Waves

Gravitational waves are some kind of waves in the fabric of space-time proposed by Einstein. So, to understand gravitational waves, first we have to know about the space-time. What is space-time: To understand the space-time concept we have to understand about space and time separately. So, what is space? Simply, space is the 3 dimensional coordinate in which we are living. To locate an object in space, we use three

Quantum Field Theory

Quantum Field Theory: Quantum field theory is the best theory of understanding the nature or reality of the universe. Because, it explains the whole universe by combining two great theories – quantum mechanics and field theory. But, before reading this, I highly recommend to read the Standard Model of Particle Physics and Theory of Everything, because it will help you to understand the behaviours and nature of the particles. Quantum field theory is

Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything is one of the most interesting theory in the science world. Mainly, this theory was proposed after building the Standard Model of Particle Physics. This model explains about the particles which are responsible for the building block and the four fundamental forces of nature. Before, reading this, I highly recommend to read the Standard Model of Particle Physics to understand the properties of the particles. Origine: I hope you have read

Standard Model of Elementary Particles

We all know that every matter in this universe is made of electron, proton and neutron. These are the basic and fundamental particles of physics. Protons and neutrons are also made of quarks. Now, what is quark? Quark is the smallest particle which carries the characteristics of the matter (excludes electron). Till yet practically, it is to be considered that quark is the smallest particle. Now, all particles are explained


What is Oumuamua: We all know that our solar system is consists of eight planets and their satellites. Between the area of planet Mars and Jupiter, there is an asteroid belt and in the edge of solar system, there is a disk of asteroids which we call Kuiper Belt and the objects in the Kuiper Belt is called Kuiper Belt Objects (KBO). Sometimes, some guests enter to our solar system from the outer


What actually Universe is: In general “Universe” is that place in where we are living. But scientifically, the whole space, matters, cosmos is all together called the Universe. After the big bang, the universe is expanding rapidly greater than the speed of light. That is why it is too hard to measure the size of the universe. However, till yet the diameter of the universe is said to be 10

Black Hole

What is black hole: Black Holes are monsters in space. Simply, black hole is a massive concentration of matter. They are some kind of massive celestial objects and due to their special properties they are so unique in space. That means, no objects can replace a black hole. These are some places in this universe in where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape through it nor even light.

Fermi Paradox

Fermi Paradox is one of the most popular paradoxes proposed by Enrico Fermi. This paradox explains about aliens and their existence. There is an another theory which is called Simulation Theory. According to that theory the whole universe is nothing but a virtual reality.Nowadays, VR devices are available in market, in where we can experience a new reality which actually does not exist. According to Simulation theory we are currently

What are the aliens

What are the aliens: First we have to know “What are the aliens?” Simply, for us, aliens are those species which are not belong to earth. For more information, visit this link Reality of Alien species. Now, let’s come to the point. Did aliens really visit earth at the time of past? The answer is “we do not know yet. May or may not be.” If we take a look at

What are the aliens

What are the aliens: In childhood, we were taught about some magical creatures or humans from holy books like Ramayana, Mahabharata or Holy Bible,Genesis etc. In that holy books there were many gods and satans and even described about heaven and hell. These are sounds like spiritual knowledge or spiritual worlds. But now, in 21st century we are making question on it, “Was the stories real?” First, we have to